Friday, April 3, 2015

Shine Forth

What are we to be a standard of?
   Verily I say unto you all: Arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations;
Doctrine & Covenants 115:5

As members of Christ’s Church, we should be very good examples of what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus Christ. We should be the gold standard of what it looks like to be a Christian. Do we live up to that standard? I’m sure we all fall short, but it doesn’t mean we should stop trying. People are going to hold us to a higher standard whether we like it or not. There is a saying I love, “Live in such a way that people who know you, but don’t know Christ, will want to know Christ, because they know you” (author unknown).

Today’s Takeaway: Arise and shine forth. Strive to be the man or woman of God He has called you to be. Don’t hide who you are or what you believe. 

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